Driving: Driver's License and Teenagers

Topics: Adolescence, Educational psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Many people ask this question everyday all around the United States; should the driving age be raised to 18? If you ask me the driving age should not be raised to 18; there are too many teenagers that depend on a driver’s license. There are some teens that need to drive themselves to and from school or work. If the age is changed to 18, it will not stop the accident rate of young drivers, and finally teens would most likely drive anyways.

Many teenagers everywhere depend on having their drivers’ license. Teens need to be able to drive so they can get to and from school. Some teenagers attend school where they cannot take a bus and need to get their own rides. Although this is unfortunate, it is the truth. Also, teenagers that work need to have their own car and license so they can arrive to work on time without having to worry about taking a taxi, bus, or even depending on someone else and their schedule. Teenagers are maturing and learning to do things on their own and for themselves by having the privilege to drive. If a teen has a doctor’s appointment, they can drive themselves there without the parent or guardian having to change their work schedule or other plans they may have.

The accident rate of teen drivers, or new drivers, is very high and many people seem to believe that it is because teenagers are simply not mature enough and want to just have fun. Although this is true for some teens, there are immature people of all ages; why punish 16 and 17 year olds? The reason why there are so many accidents involving teen drivers is because teens are NEW drivers. All new drivers are likely to have an accident because they are just learning. If the age is changed to 18 or even 21 there will still be many accidents with those drivers, because they are just learning and getting the hang of driving around.

Many teenagers like to rebel. Why? I do not know. I guess it is just what they do. Stopping 16 and 17 year olds from driving is not as...
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