Topics: American football, English-language films, Ivy League Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Everyone no matter who you are has your own goals you strive to achieve in life. To achieve these goals one must have perseverance, focus, persistence, and resilience, but in my opinion the main value to achieve your goals is determination. You will have to undergo many obstacles in making your dreams come true but how will react to these adversities when they come at you. This is where determination comes in. How determined are you going to be to run through these obstacles straight to your dream. You need to have the willpower and single-mindedness to set yourself straight and not get distracted by the temptation of whatever stands in your way to do what you have to do. This is why determination is so essential in achieving your goals and making your dreams come true. In my summer reading excerpt i explained how my book related to the movie Forest Gump because of the way people harassed Forrest for being “stupid” and he was always trying to find himself and where he fit in society just like James the main character in The Color Of Water. It relates to my theme because even though they were both harassed, made fun of and being bullied they were still determined to prove people wrong and make something of themselves. And in the end they both prevailed and became something. Forrest became a millionaire and James became a well known author. This shows the importance of determination and where it can take you in life if you just have determination. In my dream essay I explained how i wanted to play football in the Ivy League to have a prestiges degree while still playing the sport I love and have been playing all my life, football. I also explain what its going to take to get there. There will be many obstacles i would have to overcome but how determined will i be to vanquish those obstacles and achieve my goals in becoming an Ivy League football player. In my Scarlet Letter excerpt I explain the difficulties Dimmesdale had between public and private guilt which...
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