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Were you being chased last night? Or, did you appear naked at the public again? Dreams are fascinating snapshots of our subconscious and interpreting them can be super fun! They say so much about our moods, hopes, desires and ambitions and yet their content can be so far removed from their meanings. To help you understand the mysterious world of sleep thought. I’m going to talk about the top 3 most commonly occurring dreams and their possible meanings

Falling indicates fear of being out of control or letting go. This may be a direct reflection of an insecurity in your everyday life, for example your school environment or personal relationship. A falling dream often includes something such as a railing or cliff edge that you are losing grip. This represents something that you no longer feel able to hang on to. Falling dreams often happen towards the beginning of sleep and are often associated with muscle cramps, which are severe enough to wake you from your sleep. Being chased

Dreams in which you are being chased are also representative of fears and anxieties in your everyday life. This may manifest itself in dreams in the form of a monster, wild animal or unknown figure. In such a dream you might try to hide or escape by tricky means and this action represents your real-life tendency to run away from problems. A dream of being chased also gives you the power to take control if you wish. Being naked in public

This is also an extremely common dream involving being naked in a public place. The standard scenario is that you are going about your everyday routine, when you suddenly become aware of being naked. More heightened versions of this include being naked while having a conversation with someone or walking in public. This dream reflects feelings of vulnerability and shamefulness. Perhaps you are insecure about an aspect of your identity or personality that you usually keep hidden from the world. It can also relate to a psychological state known...
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