Dream House

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Dream House

By William

This is my sixth “my show” in lucky English center. The topic is my dream house. About of it, I ask most of my friends a question – ‘what is your dream house like?’ Their answers are surprisingly similar and interesting. There are two types of answers. The first is a beautiful seaside villa. The second, a big apartment is located in the CBD.

Earlier this year, I bought three sets of apartment in the center of NANKAI district in Tianjin. I recently hired two professional designers to help me decorated my apartments. And they first step is to ask me this question – “what’s your dream house?” In fact, I have no answer. Because I am a very practical person, so the dream is not important to me.

When I think a house, just like everyone else, the first consideration is what kind of house I can buy, and can I afford the price? This question in this topic is too boring. But I believe the action is better than the fantasy.

If I have to imagine my dream house, first of all, I think location is very important. My dream house isn’t built in a noisy business district. But it can’t be built in a place only have few people also.

The house should be a villa, is have three floors and one basement. The first floor is public space. There is a big living room, dining room, kitchen and home office. The second floor is a small living room, a few guest bedrooms. The top floor is a big bedroom for me, and a home gym. On the roof, there is the roof garden; we can grow plants and vegetables.

Around of my dream house should have a big yard. There are many plants planted in it. In the front of yard, there is a big and old tree. This tree is very important to me. Because when I was a child, my grandfather’s house had the same big and old tree. In the summer, we would sit under that tree’s shade and dining. This picture makes me feel very warm.

Behind my house, these are a swimming poor. In summer, we can swim in the pool, and have barbecue on...
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