Dream and Reality

Topics: Love, Distribution of wealth, Wealth Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Dream and Reality

In the complex real world that we are living, there are dark and bright sides. It is easy for us to see the bright side, but it is not bright enough for us to see the dark sides of the world. One way to investigate the dark side of the world in a fun way is to read fairy tales and fables. Fairy tales and fables are short narrative stories with some deep meanings and moral lessons. In fact, they originally stemmed from oral tradition stories and old folk tales. Fables contain the behavior of animals, plants and other creatures involved in the imitation of human actions in relation to the situation described with real cases. Fairy tales are stories that involve magic and fantasy and are usually written for children. Similarly, they play a good role in society because it helps people to understand the conflicts between people themselves. I have come across some of them in the USA, such as “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde. It actually relates to my life in some ways. In my point of view, I am just like “The Happy Prince”. When I was small, I was very happy, after I stepped into the society, I could see the ugliness and the misery of the society. Oscar Wilde uses the non-human creatures to imitate human actions and infuses the stories with morals and values from his point-of-view, which fit in the tradition of typical fairy tales and fables. I would like to compare two of his stories, “The Happy Prince” and “The Nightingale and the Rose” because both of them have successfully revealed the dark side of the society, which reflects the social problems, and uses different points of view to define the concepts of love.

Teenagers are always depressed after they step into the society and realize that the world is full of unfair things and conflicts. When we were young, we had dreams. When we talked about our futures, our words were full of ambitions and hopes. However, the world isn’t perfect. There is always something you do not know if you do not...
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