Drawbacks Podcasting

Topics: Broadcasting, Internet, Podcast Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: May 6, 2011
Podcasts and webcasts are easy ways to present and distribute information to listeners all around the globe. However there are several drawbacks to this form of media. The drawbacks can be divided into two sections. The first section can be directed towards the process of recording and producing the webcasts. In order to record a webcast you must have: recording equipment, a quiet room, and time. The second section is focused on the persons listening to the webcast. The webcast is strictly auditory and must be accessed on some media device. This can become a problem because some listeners need more than just audio they need other forms of material to help them retain the information. Also because webcasts must be viewed through a mp3 player or computer this can cause a distraction because of the temptation of using the device for something else.

Recording and producing is the most difficult area of any webcast. To record a quality webcast that listeners will enjoy and respond to the producer must execute the following three steps: the correct recording equipment, a quiet recording area, and an abundance of time to prepare for recording. The equipment required is very important because it will greatly increase the effectiveness of the webcast. The equipment needed is a microphone, recording software, host website and high-speed internet connection. Without purchasing all of the necessary components it will be impossible to record a quality webcast. The next drawback is the necessity of silence when recording. This can be a setback because any exterior noise in the webcast can cause listeners to become distracted and not retain the information being given. The need for a quiet proper recording area could cause additional investments to be made to reserve a recording studio or alternate recording site. The last drawback to webcasting is the amount of time needed to write a script for the topic chosen. It can take several weeks of preparation to research the...
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