Drama Improvisation

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Drama Essay

“To be good at improvisation, it doesn’t really matter how talented you are, but more about giving it your best shot”

Improvisation is the art of being able to create ideas in a split second, with little or no warning as to what you are making up. In drama the art of improvisation, and being a good improviser, is absolutely essential. However, there are many different views on what it takes to be good at improvisation. To be good at improvisation, it relies very little on how talented the actor is, but more importantly, it relies on them trying they’re very hardest to be a good improviser, on them giving it their best shot. This can be determined by how hard the actor is concentrating, on wether or not they have knowledge of the basics of improvisation, “make”, “accept”, “extend”, and wether or not they are giving it their best shot to interact with their fellow actors.

In improvisation, concentration is a key factor. If an actor is to concentrate too hard, this can be seen in the way that they act and interact with the actors they are sharing the stage with, and the words that they speak. In class the other day, we played an improvisation game called “line starters”. This was where we were given a line to start our improvisation with, and we were to make a scene of just that one line. When it was my turn to start, I was given the like “I am going to need more than that”. However, once I had said my line, my partner and I were concentrating so hard on what the next line would be, that the scene went virtually nowhere, therefore it does not pay to be over concentrated when you are trying to be a good improviser.

There is also the opposite of this, having a lack of concentration. This is bad when you are trying to improvise for obvious reasons, such as if you aren’t concentrating enough, you will have no idea what the offer is that the actors are trying to make. This was evident during our game of “Bob, Carol, Fred, Alice”, when we saw that...
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