Drama Exploration Notes

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In “The Homecoming” Pinter uses the language shown in the play as a way of it not to be trusted, however what they are thinking to themselves is what should be trusted. Thinking past what is actually being said and the meaning behind it, will uncover what the character is trying to say. The language throughout the play is a game being played by the characters using it to get at each other. The way they are polite to one other is their version of taunting and being horrible to the other person.

Non- Verbal Communication

In this play, Pinter uses a lot of long pauses in each seen. This clearly creates tension between the characters and the a tense atmosphere for the audience. Doing this, it shows how broken the relationships are between the family. To explore further into the non verbal communication side of the play, in a lesson, we were split into pairs, and were asked to perform a small scene of the play where Ruth asks for a glass of water from Lenny, to then Ruth trying to seduce him. We were allowed to read through the scene and practice it with the words. Then we were asked to perform it with out using communication through mimes and the use of movement. At first I found it difficult to mime without it making no sense but after practicing it it was fine. We used eye contact and gestures between one another as communication without the use of words.


Within this play looking into a deeper meaning, the characters explain a lot about their background story, especially Max. Max is the parent of Lenny, Joey and Teddy. He shouts and swears a lot at his children to keep in power over them as he is growing old and they are stronger than he is. The relationship with his boys is barely there since he was never there for them while they was growing up. Teddy is the eldest of the three. He's shown to be quite a timid man, not liking to get into arguments or confrontations. He has a wife called Ruth, who as the play continues,...
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