Drama Essay "Death of a Salesman"

Topics: World War II, Woman, Women's suffrage Pages: 4 (1474 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Christopher Dietz
Professor Lindquist
English 102
25 October 2012
Death of a Salesman Linda Loman, Woman or Weakling
Death of a Salesman, written by American Playwright Arthur Miller, in 1949, won many awards, including the Pulitzer for drama, and a Tony for the Best Play. This play has been performed on Broadway several times; in February of 1949 it ran for 742 performances and was continually acclaimed. Linda Loman the wife of Willie Loman, the salesman, a typical woman of her era, was a homemaker, busy cooking, cleaning and taking care of her two sons, while her husband frequently traveled. Linda in general was a weak woman, as most of the women were in her time period, unable to confront any uncomfortable situation with her husband. In today’s world a women in her place would not be so quick to overlook all that Linda did, if so perhaps the story would end differently.

Linda Loman was wife to Willy, and mother of Biff and Happy, Linda was a very weak woman in many different ways. She would be the one person who would support her husband despite his reprehensible treatment towards her. She would have to put up with her husband’s delusions of grandeur, erratic behavior, and hallucinations all alone, while never confronting him. It was actually, quite the opposite, there were times that Linda would start to believe her husband’s wild stories of his success and the rich and successful promises he would make about the life they were going to live. At one point in the story Linda finds herself hearing Willy coming home early from a sales trip throughout New England. So she inquires why his trip ended so quickly. Only to be told a long story that he sold so much, so quickly that he ended the trip early. When in reality Linda quickly realized that Willy had only made about a total of seventy dollars that week and that was not a lot of money for this time period. So Linda then decides to go to bed instead of confronting Willy about the true amount of...
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