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In 1830, John Downe, a weaver traveled to the United States from England and took a job so that he could earn money to be able to make his wife and children to join him. In the letter that John Downe wrote to his wife, attempting to convince her to emigrate to the united states with him, he explained to her the benefits she and her family will have if they move to the America. To convey his persuasion Downe reflects his strategies through detail, rambling syntax, and descriptive diction. One of the most notable strategies that the author employs is detail. The author then implys to his wife that he would be able to support his family, because in America, even the poor eat like kings. For example, “I can have 100lbs of beef for 10s. Money,” “ And I can have a barrel of cider holding 32 gallons, for 4s.” By Downe telling his wife about the plethora of food, it would more than likely interest her making her consider to move to America. In England, where Downes wife currently lives, is not a well-off place. The thought of obtaining immense food would be a revelation to her and her family. In his writing, Downe effectively created a satisfying lifestyle, if his family lived in America. By using an excessive amount of commas and short sentences, Downe was able to use syntax as a way to convince his wife to come to America. In paragraph one, Downe used countless commas in his sentences to make his wife pause, and make emphasis on explaining the wonderful reasons why she should emigrate to America. Downes sentence focus, was placed in the beginning to give his wife an understanding explanation of his future intentions. Throughout the letter, Downe employs the use of diction, placing pleasant and sweet words in his sentences. For instance, he starts off his letter his wife “dear” and uses words such as “pleasant”, “dear” and “little ones.” In doing so, Downe was trying to sweet talk his wife into emigrating to the United States.
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