Down East Spud Busters Case Analysis

Topics: Human resources, Organization, Human resource management Pages: 6 (1462 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Frank Goodman
BA 206
Down East Spud Busters Case Analysis

I have to say that I like the idea of this company in generally and it seems like it would be a very interesting, profitable, and even fun place to manage. Down East Spud Busters has some very lofty and ambitious strategic plans for expansion and growth. I like that their Canada Division is functioned as a local cooperative where it is centrally located to take in potatoes from local farmers. This will give this big conglomerate grounded to the “little guy” and hopefully keep the company connected on the local level as it expands. As Deep East Spud Busters expands from Canada and Maine to Idaho, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and then into nationwide sales and distribution, the “people factor’ will become increasingly important.

By the “people factor,” I am of course, to put it into business terms, talking about Human Resources. Given the immense geographical expanses and logistical challenges that will no doubt be a factor in such a major expansion, Human Resources are going to very important as they open up the new production plant in Idaho, continue innovating at the Maine higher-value processing plant where new, fresh ideas are paramount, penetrating international markets in Europe and the Pacific Rim where consumers have a totally foreign culture and speak a different language, and as they tap into nationwide sales and distribution here across the United States. The reason being is that folks are different wherever you go and to have a successful company these days, management needs to be less rigid and more organic while treating its stakeholders as individuals with different needs and embracing diversity. But maybe you’re saying to yourself right now “potatoes are potatoes anywhere you go” or something like that. My response would be that sure potatoes are potatoes but people and their cultural situations are unique wherever you go. Laws and regulations are also different wherever one might go. Legislation, the role of trade unions and governments and their agencies, culture and values vary between regions and countries. Therefore the particular institutional structures operating in different national economies and societies are no doubt influential in my opinion, in maintaining dissimilar Human Resources policies in different countries, American states, counties, and cities. People’s behavior and needs will be influenced by the land in which they reside, and Deep East Spuds Busters is going to have to adjust accordingly. If DESB holds the people factor in high regard as they expand into new territories, they will increase their chance of success exponentially. I have personally have had several jobs where the company couldn’t care less about its employees and it’s not only miserable for the workers, but in my opinion it’s got to be bad for business as well. Company’s like Home Depot, Whittier Wood Products, and literally every wood mill in the Eugene/Springfield area treats their employees like crap, doesn’t pay them enough, overworks them, fires them and lays them off like it’s nothing, and most importantly, those businesses don’t take into account their employees individuality at all. There are definitely companies that not only should follow my idea of how Deep East Spud Busters should maintain their Human Resources departments, but also could be successful in adopting a similar organizational structure to their current and future business models.

Some types of companies that I think could benefit from copying DESB’s current and future organizational model are of the following: Land owners who have timber on their land, independent gardeners, independent gold miners, independent mushroom growers, local artisans of pottery, wood crafts, and textiles, the list goes on and on. There are many types of businesses that could follow a template starting with a local cooperative, refinement of received products and materials, nationwide distribution...
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