Dorian Gray

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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Heaven or Hell
“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven.” (John Milton). How an individual lives their life is based on numerous things such as: how they were raised, what type of environment they are in. However, in The Picture of Dorian Gray the main character Dorian says “Each of us has Heaven and Hell in him, Basil!” (Wilde 133). What Dorian is saying is that no matter how one is raised, and what environment one is in they will always do good and bad. In, The Picture of Dorian Gray the character Dorian by nature is a humble charming good- natured fellow; however, once he meets Harry he turns into a secretive, sordid, egotistic human being. Dorian is a chief example for a person who contains heaven and hell within them. Dorian commits horrendous and immoral acts these acts not only hurt him but others around him, as an example, Alan Campbell, he use to be Dorian’s best friend then once Dorian’s name became trash they stopped speaking. Dorian murdered Basil and then asked Alan to dispose of him; One Alan had he became so paranoid and scared about what he had done he killed himself. Though, everyone contains heaven and hell within them, Dorian can still be held for ruining the lives of peoples he is acquainted with, such as Lady Gwendolyn or Adrian Singleton he feel to drugs due to Dorian’s influence. Harry can be held accountable for Dorian’s ruin as well; he fed Dorian philosophies and gave him a treacherous and immoral book that led him to a road of destruction. However, Basil Hallward can be redeemed he saw the best in Dorian even when Dorian treated him impertinently. In brief, everyone does contain heaven and hell within but someone can still be held responsible for manipulating someone to their doom. Depending on how good or bad a person is can account to the redeem ability. To begin with, in The Picture of Dorian Gray the main character, Dorian is a prime example of a person who contains...
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