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3B Tsang Wai Ping, Harriet (33)

Describing my favourite comic character

‘Ling…ling…’ Doraemon, my favourite comic character, is coming! Whenever he appears surprisingly in TV programmes and comics, I am delighted and excited as I know that this little robot cat is going to give me great happiness and enjoyment, leading me into his mysterious adventures, taking me into amazing and sweet dreams.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved Doraemon, the most popular character in the well-known comic book series, Doraemon, created by Fujiko. F. Fujio. Together with his four close friends, Nobita, Suneo, Shizuka and Jian, Doraemon has been impressing me by his exciting adventures, his magical instruments and the fun he has been bringing to me since my childhood. Being a household robot cat made in the 22nd century, he travels from the future to the present to help Nobita, a lazy, sleepy but kind-hearted boy who is often humiliated and bullied by Jian, a strong, bad-tempered but righteous boy and Suneo, a crafty, honey-mouthed boy who leads a luxurious life in a rich family.

Doraemon is short and fat and blue in colour, with a round, bald head and six whiskers on his cheeks. He wears a little bell which is golden-yellow in colour and a fantastic pocket on his big belly, his magical machines and equipment in which are often lent to Nobita, out of pity, to help him take revenge on Jian and Suneo. Doraemon has no ears but two ball-shaped hands, which causes his failure in the game ‘Paper, scissors and stone’!

Being a thoughtful and considerate friend to everyone, Doraemon is sympathetic and gentle, always giving a helping hand to the needy. He is courageous when facing villains but timid in front of mice! But what I appreciate most is his loyalty to his best friend, Nobita.

Doraemon loves eating red-bean buns very much! He takes pleasure in joining adventures with his friends. The adventure in The Sun Legend is my...
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