Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover
In Richard Wright short story “Big Black Good Man” and Sherman J. Alexie short story “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” there are ways you can compare and contrast these stories together. Even though they are about different things with one being race and one being about a man’s personality and people judging him on that it is still all stereo type.

In Richard Wrights story “Big Black Good Man” Olaf was just doing what he did every night and he was working as the landlord handing out keys to rooms for the people to come stay for the night. This one particular night this big black man came and asked for a room. He was not a racist as he took in all men of different comers blacks, yellows, whites and browns. But this one he said was “he was staring at the biggest, strangest, and the blackest man he’d ever seen in his life.” (Wrights 316). Without knowing him he was quick to judge him just by the way he looked. He thought he could only be up to no good. When he said “I want a bottle of whiskey and a woman, Can you fix me up?” (Wrights 318) only bad things came to mind. He knew he could not just send anyone to his room so he called Lena one of his regulars and one who he thought of as big and strong woman. He warned her over the phone and again when she got to the hotel that he was a big and black man and he was infinitive on big. That whole night he had an uneasy feeling and could not settle until he saw her come out of the room and he asked “How was it” (Wrights 319) with no attrition to offend her even though he had never asked that question before that night. After the man’s stay at the hotel was over he was relieved and he did not want to ever see him again. He felt foolish when he realized he was harmless and never had any attentions on hurting him.

In Sherman J. Alexie short story “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” The story starts off with Victor the main character in the story just received...
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