Domestic Policies of Kennedy and Johnson

Topics: John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Democratic Party Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The domestic policies of Kennedy and Johnson had large affect on the nation. John F. Kennedy’s domestic policy was the New Frontier. Johnson’s policy was known as the Great Society. The affects of both programs were felt by the nation. The New Frontier was Kennedy’s vision for America’s domestic situation. All though most of Kennedy’s attempts were destroyed by a republican congress he was able to be successful in some areas. The first step he took was creating the Peace Corps. Another program that was created by the New Frontier was NASA. Kennedy also presented Congress with a civil rights bill and cut tax bill. LBJ’s plan was called the Great Society. As soon as LBJ took office he got Congress to sign the cut tax bill that Kennedy had proposed. LBJ had declared a war on poverty where he pushed a series of Economic Opportunity Acts. In 1964 LBJ signed the Civil Rights Acts. LBJ created Medicare and Medicaid to help the poor and elderly. To reform immigration laws LBJ signed the Immigration Act in 1965. The affects of both domestic policies were felt by the nation. By Kennedy creating NASA the nation as a whole started to focus on progressing in the education of math and science. The Peace Corps helped provide education and technical services to those who were less fortunate. The Great Society greatly affected civil rights and begun to change the way Americans viewed it. Medicare and Medicaid caused every pay check to be docked to fund the program. Also LBJ’s plan helped preschoolers and put a stop to discriminatory immigration quotas. Although LBJ tried to help out poor Americans, Many of these programs were mismanaged or underfunded. The nation was largely affected by the domestic policies of Kennedy and Johnson. The New Frontier was Kennedy’s domestic policy. The Great Society was Johnson’s policy. The affects of both domestic policies were felt by the nation.
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