Doll's Hospital

Topics: Toy, Doll, Dolls Pages: 10 (3646 words) Published: December 28, 2012
1 Executive Summary3
2 Service3
3 China Market Analysis3
3.1 PEST Analysis3
3.2 Target Market4
3.3 Competitors in the Market5
3.4 Barriers to Entry in the Market7
4 USP of Doll’s Hospital8
5 Marketing plan8
5.1 Product8
5.2 Place9
5.3 Price9
5.4 Promotion10
5.5 People10
5.6 Process11
5.7 Physical Evidence11
6 Conclusion11
7 Recommendations11
8 References13
1 Executive Summary
The feasibility of launching Doll’s Hospital is assessed thoroughly in this report through in-depth researches on the target market and rivals and applying business tools such as PEST and Porter’s Five Forces. It is known that toy industry in China is in upward trend coupled with keen competition, and Doll’s Hospital has determination to achieve a positive position in the market as long as Doll’s Hospital can smoothly launch and promote its peculiar service which few competitors seem to provide. Therefore, it is likely that this business plan is viable. 2 Service

China will be chosen as the market place to launch this new business, because China is my homeland and I am more familiar with the marketing environment in China than in other countries. What's more, the Chinese economy is in upward trend and it is confidently believed that China can keep stable and robust development in the following decades. The decision was made to focus on toy industry. With the increasing income of Chinese households, parents are willing to spend more on their children so there is a considerable domestic demand in this industry. In addition, I am interested in toys, especially dolls, which leads to great enthusiasm needed to achieve success. Doll’s Hospital will attempt to provide various repairing and cosmetic service for dolls. There are mainly two reasons why I want to launch this business. Firstly, it is believed that dolls play important roles in girls’ growth, especially in their childhood. From my personal experience, because of my careless treatments towards my dolls the most of my dolls were more or less broken. As a result, I failed to keep a lasting friendship with one of them. It is noticed that such unpleasant cases often occur among girls' world. Secondly, it is observed that although such service is mature in the American market it is seldom to be found in China. We can draw on valuable experience and professional skills from America to explore a potential market in China. 3 China Market Analysis

3.1 PEST Analysis
Regarding the political factors, the new plan, the China's 12th five-year plan (2011-2015), is implemented by the authorities and expects sustainable growth. An increase in domestic consumption is a goal the country strives for in this new plan (Datamonitor, 2011). Therefore, the current policies stimulate the economical development through motivating citizens' consumption, which offers a favorable atmosphere for the growth of Doll's Hospital. As to economical elements, average GDP growth in China is about 10.14% from 2001 to 2010, which can imply that the economical environment is positive. Apart for that, “average unit prices of traditional toys and games have risen, due to the combined efforts of overall inflation, rising labour costs and a recovery in domestic and global demand. … However, the increases in prices were soon accepted” (GMID 2011a:1). It can indicate the purchasing power as a whole in children playthings is huge, and Doll’s Hospital can offer another alternative for parents and their daughters to repair dolls creatively instead of buying new ones. In relation to the social part, “due to the one-child policy, the number of children in China is smaller than it would otherwise have been, but the parents born in the 1980s appear to be willing to spend heavily on their only child, which has dramatically increased demand for toys” (GMID 2011a:1). The change in parents' purchasing intention is a positive signal for the business launch. More purchase of...
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