Doing Business in Dubai

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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International Business
Dubai Etiquette

When visiting Dubai, there are many things one must take into consideration. First off, Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates, which means that there is a lot of religion, and beliefs that need to be respected. The most important influence on business etiquette in Dubai is religion, there are usually 5 daily prayers, but they also change each season. This effects making business appointments, and should mainly be avoided.

(Robin walks in to a restaurant, and waits for business man from dubai, but he's praying)

It is often better to just show up on an off occasion rather than booking an appointment since common courtesy states that if you already know the person you should call them when you are in the area.

(Robin is in the area, calls Larry and shows up in his office)

As well, secretaries do not often have the authority to make appointments for their bosses. Another tip would be to follow the news paper since it shows all the prayer times for that day.

If one is able to set up a business appointment at a restaurant or home there are also rules that apply, muslims do not eat pork because its against it's against their religion, and any other meat needs to be halal which means it is permitted or lawful according to the Qu'ran dietary guidelines. No pork or pork by products, no animals that were dead before slaughtering, no animals who were not slaughtered in the name of allah and no blood and blood by products.

(Larry and Sydney eating properly done)

Dinner talk is limited, business should be the main topic and women and wives should never be discussed, you should not turn your back (literally) on an arabian because they also see that as a sign of disrespect. Although thumbs...
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