Does Wealth Lead to Happiness?

Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Eudaimonia Pages: 3 (1067 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Does wealth lead to happiness?

You can't buy happiness! Have you heard this before? Do you think that it is true? Surely we have all heard this age old adage, and most of us understand that it is indeed true. You cannot buy yourself a happy life.

But does that mean that money is bad, that we should not strive to build wealth and financial prosperity for ourselves and those that we love? Absolutely not. Just as money does not buy happiness, it definitely does not repel it either. In fact, there are many negative beliefs about money that many people hold, beliefs that literally kill off any chance for them to ever get rich.

Having financial abundance is something that most people desire. How can it not be? Money is an essential part of living, and the more of it you have, the more freedom you are able to enjoy. I personally think that the money can't buy happiness line is just an excuse that many people use to justify why they are not rich, even though they secretly wish they were.

They use this statement as a way to project to others that they are not rich because they do not want to be, because they frown upon it, when in all reality they would strive for wealth if they actually thought they had a chance at attaining it.

I think that happiness stems from deeper levels than material abundance. But I also feel that money can greatly enhance the excitement, freedom, and enjoyability of life, when it is in the right hands. If someone who is miserable thinks that by building a fortune they will find the key to happiness, they will assuredly be disappointed. If you are not happy without money, you will not be happy with money.

But if someone is genuinely happy, and they have an optimistic and positive outlook on life, creating wealth will add to their overall experience. Money is in no way bad, and if you keep the right perspective on it, you can enjoy a wealthy and happy life.

So does wealth lead to happiness? No it doesn't, but it can add...
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