Does Tv Have a Negative Influence on Society

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  • Published : April 28, 2012
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Does TV have a negative influence on society?

At-risk categories are kids and elderly people. The average American kid spends more time watching TV than attending school. Kids eat while watching TV, and they may do the same while doing homework. Elderly people watch TV even more than kids, since this is their main entertainment at home. TV is inherent in our lives. It is natural for a person to enter an apartment, switch on the light, then switch on the TV, and then keep on doing other things. The problem is not with watching - the problem is with watching what: breeding violence and aggression through horror films or being stupefied by silly talk shows of many kinds. TV is becoming one of our main leisure activities, a source of ready-made stereotypes and new myths, a passive view of the world thrust on us from the angle of the camera that may distort the reality out of recognition. We like TV and hate it because we are addicted to it.

High quality TV is always positive. So, learn to switch on the right channel. The average American citizen watches TV as if it were a half-time job: four hours daily. By retirement, the average American citizen will have spent nine non-stop 24 hour-a-day years glued to lights on the TV screen. TV is powerful because it is politically oriented; it establishes public standards, it denies alternative thinking; it only simulates a variety of opinions, hiding back the ideology of mass conformism.

Watching too much TV dehumanizes you, weakens your little gray cells, and makes your critical and reflective thinking abortive. Have you ever been internally protected from watching the idiot box too much? Have you tried to balance TV and other entertainment alternatives?

TV plays with TV viewers, as if it were a cat and all of us were mice. We are eaten, turning into TV products, since we buy what the box recommends us to buy, we want to have such looks as our TV favorites have. We are programmed, we are told how to relate to...
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