Does the Caribbean Contribute to the Americanization of Its Media?

Topics: United States, Culture, Connotation Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: March 30, 2011
“Do you believe Caribbean Media are victims or causal factors of the Americanization of Caribbean Culture?”

There has been an ongoing debate as to whether The Americanization phenomenon, has been perpetuated by the media across the Caribbean. It must be stated, that the Americanization phenomenon, can be synonymous with Globalisation. Hence it very pertinent to the discussion, to first defines the denotative meaning of the term Globalisation. (Dr.Maria Alfaro) defines Globalisation as: “A phenomenon generated simultaneously by the application of new technologies, which overcome barriers of time space, and the generalisation of the principles of free trade in a market of world dimensions. In itself this phenomenon does not necessarily imply the homogenisation of contents which threatens cultural diversity.” According to Brian Ssenyonga Americanization. Came about in the early 1900’s and in its inception meant taking new immigrants and turning them into Americans...whether they wanted to give up on their traditional ways or not. This may be known as cultural imperialism. The Americanization process often involved learning English and adjusting to the American culture, customs and dress. Fast forward 100 years later and the Americanization phenomenon is alive, though taking on a slightly different characteristic. A more contemporary meaning is “The influence the United States of America has on the culture of other Caribbean countries, substituting their culture with American culture’ according to Ssenyonga. He went further to suggest that “When encountered unwillingly, it has a negative connotation: [and] when sought voluntarily, it has a positive connotation. Put simply, Americanization is neither good nor bad. Proponents of globalization have argued that it allows poor countries and their citizens, to develop economically and raise the standard of living. However on the other hand, some believe the international free market benefiting...
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