Does Self Esteem Effect Chances for Future Success?

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Self-esteem and self-confidence are necessary for success
Self-esteem has become a common word in today’s society. Self-esteem is a term in psychology to reflect a person's overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth

Self esteem is how we mentally visualize ourselves. It shows the different confidence levels of the individual. I believe high self-esteem is a key ingredient to achieve success and happiness. Everyone possesses self-esteem in some way. Some have low self-esteem where one is not confident in themselves but doesn’t have the confidence to change, while others have high self esteem, where one is proud of what they do and happy with their lives. But the effect of self-esteem is very unpredictable. Many people with high self-esteem exaggerate their successes and skills, enveloping people, who frankly accept their good qualities along in a narcissistic, defensive, and conceited way. But what is important is to assess your self esteem whether it is helping you to achieve happiness and success. Only a healthy level of self esteem can help to achieve success, and success brings happiness.

Self esteem needs to be built up or down depending on the person. The process to build self esteem is easy but to put it into use is somehow difficult. When someone succeeds in life, then one earns self confidence from the experience of the success. This success will give the person the self confidence to persevere in anything they wish.

People who have a good level of self esteem are always happy because they are ready to accept and learn from their mistakes rather than waste their life regretting what they have not achieved. However, they don’t feel the necessity to show themselves superior to others. They don’t defend their point and are very open in communicating their thoughts. In present day, it is very difficult to maintain good self esteem since many things stand in our way e.g. negative feedback from...
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