Does Nde's Prove Life After Death?

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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A near death experience, also referred as NDE, is a psychological event that may occur when a person is close to death, or in a situation of suffering serious physical or emotional problems. Most NDE’s are peaceful and loving, but some are disturbing. All NDE’s are unique in a way, but as a group they share common features. During a NDE, individuals may feel intense emotions, commonly peace, well-being, and loved. Others are marked by fear, horror, and loss. Another common feature is a rapid movement through darkness, towards the light, towards the ‘end of the tunnel’. In some cases, there may be a perception of one’s body from above, sometimes watching medical resuscitation, or moving to other places. There are many other possibilities that may happen during NDE’s, such as hallucination of seeing loved ones, a sense of being somewhere else in an unearthly place. The features of what NDE brings may lead to questions about afterlife. What happens if you walk towards the end of the light? Do you really see god? But all questions lead to the ultimate question of life; do NDE’s prove the existence of afterlife? It is common that in NDE’s the dying person claims during their emergency, they actually observed events which were subsequently confirmed. These observations may have occurred in the emergency room when one was in no condition to be observing what was going on around them. Sometimes, the data are reported from a distance elsewhere, and actually may not have been observable from the individual's location with their normal senses. Katie, a young teenager who was nearly drowned, has experienced such NDE. Katie was clinically dead for 19 minutes, and doctors have given her a little chance of surviving. But then, three days later, Katie has come into a full recovery. In fact, when she revived, she reported detailed information about the emergency room, specific details of her resuscitation, along with physical descriptions of the two physicians who worked on...
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