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Quarterly Current Events Assignment

1. Collect two (2) newspaper articles and one (1) cartoon taken from a major newspaper. Articles should be related to a physics concept and must have appeared in a newspaper between the last due date and the current due date. At least one article must relate to an energy resource. (Research in archives on the internet is not acceptable. Article must be current, same day article.)

2. Highlight the parts of the article that give reference to the physics concept(s). The reference to a physics concept must be in the article (you cannot makeup the material just because you know that it is related.)

3. Attach the article securely to a piece of paper with glue or tape. Creative folding may be necessary. (Neatness counts!)

4. On a separate page write a summary of the article or cartoon and explain the physics concept(s).

5. Give proper works cited listing. Ex:
Name of Author Last name, First name. “Title of Article or Comic”. Name of Newspaper. Date of Publication: Section: Page number. Print.

6. The completed assignments should be neat and attached together in a folder. Assignment should be complete before coming to class.

7. Do not include previous work. “Current” includes articles taken from newspapers dated from the previous assignment up to the due date of this assignment. Due dates:First QuarterOctober 16, 2012

Second QuarterDecember 12, 2012
Third QuarterFebruary 26, 2013
Fourth QuarterApril 18, 2013

8. Remember that this is a required assignment that counts 10% of your quarter grade. It is designed to help your grade while helping you see the physics that is happening around you everyday. Take it seriously and do a good job. Neatness and completeness are important. Follow directions.

9. No death and destruction! Look for technology and everyday applications.

10. The article must include physics concepts --- you cannot just make them up because...
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