Do You Agree or Disagree with Following Statement? It Is More Important for Students to Read Books About Real Events Than It Is for Them to Read Novels.

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  • Published : April 11, 2011
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There has been a big controversy among different group of people all around the world on this issue that, it is important to students to read about something happened really rather than reading novels. It is generally believed that due to modern advanced technology all around the world students have been seeking to discover real event agains for example a novel about science-fiction. I totally accept the issue that nowadays, it is essential for students to read real stories rather than unreal novels, and my generalizations on the issue are categorized according to the following items: 1- Advanced technology. 2- curiosity.

One of the most important aspects of students’ trend to real events attributed to advanced technology. Now a question rises that, is it more important for students to read real stories against novels? Some people specially students interested to know that where is the border among real and unreal events. Nowadays because of advanced technology we can simulate every events in our lives, for example in movies production, so many directors use from especial effects in their movies. These movies have a great impressions on students who are experiencing new things. For such a case, I always wanted to know that a human can clime along walls just by free hands like Spiderman.

Another significant facet of students inclination to real events relies on the issue of students curiosity. Az I told you, students like other homo sapiens have a great tendency to experience now things in the world. It is a newborn sense that you want to know about everything which can happened in the real world, and that is why a novel is not as exciting as real event. According to the studies done by philosophers of Harward university, department of human science, 92% of boys, and 69% of girls are in favor of reading real stories rather than novels because of their curiosity.

At the last but not the least, It is the duty of government to support...
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