Do Fashion Accessories Always Work???

Topics: Color, Bangle, Bracelet Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Today I am gonna discuss about fashion accessories. Whenever you select accessories for your dress, always make a point what pattern your dress is having. If your dress is fully printed with flowers or any other print but is totally colorful, Neck Accessories is a Big NO. Never do so,you’ll look very gaudy. Yeah you can wear a thin line bracelet or a nice watch in hand. And small top type earrings. That’s it. Accessories do look good but if you do it overly you’ll look like a flower pot .

So when to wear Neck Accessory?

Whenever you are wearing knee length or long kurties, tops or a dress or tunic watever but with a single color or maximum of 2 colors. You can go for neck accessories. I would say rather go for long chain with a pendant if your average height-ed but if you are below average wear short length chain with a small pendant.

Now if you are wearing short tops till waist, if you are tall enough you can go for long chained pendants but if you are not that tall try to wear neck piece sticking to your neck. It would look elegant and perfect.

Now lets talk about Earrings. Danglers will always suit your face if you have long face. And tops are for round face gals. But yeah if you are wearing formals then never go for danglers. If you are wearing single colored top you can go for contrast colors match it with your lower portion. For say if you are wearing red colored jeans with a navy blue top either you can go for red earrings or white pearls. You should always have white colored pearls and black colored tops. They’ll help you out in great confusion, simply go for them and believe me you’ll look classy.

Now I’ll tell you about hand accessories.

With kurties You can always wear copper colored or silver colored metallic bangles. But with dresses try to go for a simple bracelet. Here also colors will play a great role. If your dress is single toned you can wear colorful hand accessories. But if your dress itself is colorful then go for...
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