Do Community Correction Programs Work?

Topics: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Community Corrections
James Waylon Jahns
Instructor Eicher
Introduction to Corrections
April 7, 2013

Community Corrections
Community corrections does not work! Foster (2006) gives us ample information concerning community corrections, from probation to house arrest, we provide our criminals with a gambit of programs designed to rehabilitate themselves as well as help them start a new life. Recidivism is at an all-time high and the crime rate is stagnant as criminals pass from one corrections program to the next. As we discuss role models and issues we can see that our system should work, however, it doesn’t. We must reevaluate our current understanding of community corrections so as to provide updated, effective methods to help improve the corrections process. Corrections

Community corrections are programs designed to help alleviate prison overcrowding as well as to help lower costs associated with incarceration, programs such as probation, parole, house arrest and GPS monitoring are all deemed community corrections. These programs in combination with psychological evaluations as well as alcohol and drug treatment help to reintegrate convicted offenders into their society, this helps to alleviate the growing burden on welfare and allows the offender to be with their family, thus, helping to raise and influence their children. While probation is considered correctional supervision, parole is a conditional, supervised release, these programs work more effectively on first-time offenders as well as those persons convicted of misdemeanor crimes (Foster, 2006). Role Model

The NYC Department of Probation (2013) website explains that New York City uses a model of probation that has adopted a Justice Reinvestment Framework, the website describes the model as a two-part system and this system helps to improve communities and public safety by targeting people that pose a high risk to the community. Working side by side with the communities...
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