Do Aliens Exist?

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Do Aliens Exist?

Whether aliens exist or not is a question that is bothering everyone who is over thinking about extraterrestrial existents, and hoping for a clear evidence. Till this minute it is hard to tell. Very few insignificant proves were given, on september 2nd, 1994, astronomers claimed they so a space blob in a national laboratory, and said it has capability of moving 92 percent faster than the speed of light. European scientists, using ultra cold orbiting telescopes, have discovered unimaginable volumes of water in inter-stellar space. Scientists were astounded to find water in the freezing atmosphere of jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. They have even identified a cloud of water, less than a light year across, in the constellation Orion. As a researcher once remarked: “if they exist they have shown little willingness to cooperate with human investigators. there is even evidence suggesting that they deliberately try keep humans in the dark about their activities and nature.” but then a large number of alien encounters have left hard evidence/photographs, instrument readings that have recorded the flight of UFOs and human experiences. There are a lot of eminent people who insisted that aliens are real and support their claim with a lot of convincing examples, but still there is no seen evident. So, the question again do aliens/extraterrestrial exists ?

The article “Do Aliens Exist” by Munazza Siddiqui, based in those evaluations Dr. Walther Riedel, once chief designer and research director at the German rocket centre, said: “I am completely convinced that they (flying saucers) have an out-of-the-world basis.” This statement was based on four vital observations: “first, the skin temperature of the ships operating under the observed conditions would make it impossible for any terrestrial structure to survive. The skin friction at those speeds and at those altitudes whould melt any metal or nonmetal available; second, think...
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