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Disc Jockey Equipment 1

Disc Jockey Equipment

Disc Jockeys or DJs for short play a selection of music that are pre-recorded from

different musicians to their audience. In order for DJs to play music, DJs would use

equipment to playback the music in which the audience would hear from. The types of DJ

Equipment used are turntables, DJ mixers, crossfaders, amplifiers, speakers, Serato live software

with Serato Control, and Rane hardware, eventually this would create a sound system that DJs

would use. The content of this paper will research DJ Equipment, the changes it brings, and

the impact on life within this country.

Present day DJ equipment would not be the way it is today without the invention of

Thomas Edison’s Phonograph. According the chapter An Accident located in the book Thomas

Edison by Greg Linder (1999); the Phonograph was invented in 1877. The Phonograph was a

cylinder machine that was able to record and playback sound. After the Phonograph was

invented, a new and improve Phonograph was invented but this time it would play discs. This

new Phonograph was based on Thomas Edison’s original phonograph. The disc Phonograph was

able to allow individuals to record their own voices, sound, or music.

The invention that came after the Phonograph was called the Graphophone patented by

Alexander Bell. The Graphophone would be similar to the phonograph but it would use wax

cylinders. The wax cylinders could be played many times but each of the cylinders would have

to record separate. This made it really hard to record and reproduces the same sounds. As

technology change, so did the Graphophone. After the creation of the Graphophone there was

another invention created called the Gramophone. According to the article Emile Berliner – The

History of the Gramophone written by the author Mary Bellis (1997c), in 1887 Emile Berliner

Disc Jockey Equipment 2

invents the Gramophone. The Gramophone was considered to stop recording sound on cylinders

and started recording on records. In the beginning records were made up of glass, then

zinc, and eventually plastic. According to the article DJ History: The First-Wave of Club DJ

Growth, 1943-1969 written by Rob Wegner (2003), in 1955, a DJ named Bob Casey creates the

first two-turntable system. The system would allow music to be played continuously by

alternating without having to stop the music.

In the 1960’s, Rudy Bozak created DJ mixers. These mixers were called the CMA-6-1

which had 6 inputs and the CMA-10-1 which had 10 inputs. These mixers were monaural units.

Eventually Bozak created the CMA-10-2DL which doesn’t use the monaural system instead it

uses stereo. Stereo uses two or more independent channels reproducing sound which would have

a better sound quality. According to the article Evolution of the DJ Mixer Crossfader by Rick

Jeffs (1999), Richard Wadman was one of the members who founded Citronic created the model

SMP101. The SMP101 crossfader would be able to create smooth transitional fades from one

source to another source. Today, DJ mixers have built in crossfaders to enhance the quality of

recording and playback of music.

Another Equipment DJs used is an amplifier. The amplifier was invented by Lee de

Forest in 1906 and at that time it was called the Audion. The Audion was based on a valve tube

or vacuum tube. There were several uses that the Audion was used for. The Audion was used

for detecting radio signals, an audio amplifier, and an oscillator for transmitting. Eventually

solid-state amplifiers were developed. Solid-state amplifiers are smaller and more reliable

compared to the Audion. With the advancement of technology, amplifiers considered to have

semi-digital switching for analog inputs and outputs. In the past, amplifiers had complex filter

circuits for...
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