Topics: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Abraham Lincoln, Consciousness Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Diana Escobar
English IV
Mrs. Green
January 15, 2013
“Where is diversity in America today?”
Businesses offer training on it, politicians support it, the media salutes it. But what exactly is diversity? Is it race? Cultural background? Personality type? The answer is yes, and much more. Some people let diversity get in the way of their relationships with other people. But successful organizations realize that people's differences can be their strength, if they combine their skills, experiences, and ideas while still valuing each other as individuals. As Abraham Lincoln said, "United we stand, divided we fall." The dream of a diverse America has to be one of the most fundamental philosophies on which our country has been built.   From the first group of pilgrims that landed at Plymouth Rock, to the thousands that immigrate to America every year, they all still believe in the same dream that the pilgrims had when they came to America. The Dream that no matter what their racial, religious, or social background and beliefs are they can find wealth and happiness in America. This philosophy was so important that our Founding Fathers had to mention it in the Constitution. Yet nearly two and half centuries later where is that diversity in America today? It seems that even with the population of America at over 300 million today we are still like the first groups of Pilgrims, content to stay within our own little groups.

As a conscious America we talk a good game, however when we go home at night our subconscious takes over, and we retreat into that comfort zone within our group. American’s should admit that they really don’t care about anyone else except themselves. They should stop pretending that they do, unless they can actually live by the example that our conscious mind has us profess. The majority of companies do not have a global diversity strategy; therefore the Federal EEOC (U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) must take action and increase in...
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