Dismantling of a Matriarchal Society and the Rise of a Patriarchal Society

Topics: Matriarchy, Gender role, Goddess Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: October 10, 2012
The development of civilization began with three basic world orders: egalitarian culture, agrarian culture, and the rise of civilization. Culture is the shared understanding of the systems by which we live. It is classified into seven different configurations: politics, economic systems, religion society, intellect pursuits, art/artifacts, and near aspects/geography. In order to preserve this culture, it must be passed down through oral tradition. Oral tradition is the transmission from word of mouth from one generation to the next; it is used as a primary tool of story telling dating back five hundred thousand years ago that is still used up until today. It was the foundation of knowledge during the egalitarian age. The Enuma Elish is the Babylon creation myth founded to be one of the oldest pieces of literature. It symbolizes the dismantling of a matriarchal society to the rise of a patriarchal society. Tiamat is the great mother goddess; she represents mother earth, which nourishes all life. In accordance with being the mother goddess, Tiamat symbolizes a matriarchal society. Marduk signifies the rise in a patriarchal society and a decline for a matriarchal society. The children represent chaos and distress since they revolted against the matriarchal society and converted it over to a patriarchal society. This myth tells us how Marduk overpowers Tiamat, thus, showing the dismantling of a matriarchal society repairing it with patriarchal concepts. The earliest civilization was hunting and gathering that dates from 1.6 million to 8000 B.C.E. Men hunted while women gathered. Both men and women played equal roles in contributing to sustaining their civilization, also known as an egalitarian society. In the beginning of the Enuma elish, Aspu ruled the sweet waters, while Tiamat ruled the salt waters. Both waters flowed together as one. Their duties as a god and goddess complemented each other, each to it's own. They equally shared their obligations, therefore,...
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