Disenchantment Throughtout the World

Topics: Sociology, Human, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Fuquan Rogers
Mr. Reilly
Intro to Soc.
October 23, 2012
1. What is "Tolstoi's question"? Why can science not answer it? 2. What does Weber see as the great burden of living in modern society? In other words, what comforts of the past are less available to modern people? Tolstoi's question is simple, although it's rather mind-boggling. His question is "What shall we do, and, how shall we arrange our lives” (Tolstoi, pg.424)? Or “Which of the warring Gods should we serve: or should we serve perhaps an entirely different god, and who is he” (Weber, pg424)? However, I do agree that science cannot answer these questions. I believe Science cannot answer these question because it’s a subject not a theory in my eyes; although who am I to make that moral judgment. In fact, in my opinion, I don’t think anyone can. For example, I have faith in “GOD”; I was raised in a Christian family, where I learned that GOD created humans and all else on the planet. Science and the idea of revolution was never introduced to me, and made a notorious concern until I enrolled into school. We all live in this world with mainly unwitting conceptions about the afterlife. Although, who’s to say someone’s beliefs are wrong? On the other hand, we all typically grow up into different religious backgrounds, in which we're taught various morals and principles. This is what makes us different; saying that, we're categorized into groups, and every group has contrasting assumptions. To conclude, Max Weber believed that "The World became disenchanted"(Weber, pg. 424). In a disenchanted world everything rapidly becomes logical and everyone gets used to it. Although, people may desire modifying the world; that’s not something that can just happen overnight. Everyone throughout the world has to agree on controversial issues around the world: but what are the odds of that happening? Finally, I agree with Max Weber because for example, before science and technology became so broad throughout the world,...
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