Discuss the Use of an Assessment Tool When Caring for a Child and Their Family

Topics: Infant, Pediatrics, Childbirth Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Commentary 1: Discuss the use of an assessment tool when caring for a child and their family In the following commentary I am going to reflect upon what I have learned about conducting the new born baby assessment regularly carried out on the neonatal unit. To write about the new born baby assessment it is important to understand what assessments are, why assessments are important and how this particular assessment is an essential part of nursing. “Assessment forms the first part of any nursing activity and is the first step in the nursing process. Without a comprehensive assessment of the child and family’s needs, care cannot be planned, delivered or evaluated effectively.” (Great Ormond Street Hospital 2012).

Examination of a new born infant allows nurses to assess and monitor a new born baby’s condition and promptly identify any abnormalities in order to treat and give appropriate care as early as possible. It is an important part of overall care contributing to the baby’s wellbeing and survival (NNF Teaching Aids: Newborn Care 2010). Over the time I have spent so far on the neonatal unit I have learned about the physical assessment of new born babies and observed the trained staff carrying out these assessments day to day.

The assessment of a new born infant involves the checking of several aspects of the baby’s anatomy; the Brain (the control centre for all organs), the Heart (pumps the 80mls of blood around the baby’s body), the Lungs (provides o2 for the body’s organs and muscles), and the Kidneys and Liver (filters toxins out the body to be excreted). These vital organs are the key to the baby’s survival in life. To begin to asses these organs is by examining the skin as this is the easiest organ to view and the examination is non-invasive so therefore should not distress the baby. The skin can be a key indicator of if something is wrong. The nurses and I looked at the colouring, the texture, the nails, and looked closely for any presence of...
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