Discuss the Application of Solar Energy Source

Topics: Solar energy, Photovoltaics, Energy Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: November 7, 2010
From the viewpoint of Seitz (2008), solar energy source is widely seen as one of solutions with the greatest potential. In modern technology, according to Fanchi (2005), heating and cooling system and solar electric generating system are associated with the solar energy industry at present. For instance, that solar heating collector which belongs to heating and cooling system can transform radiant energy into heat energy by capturing sunlight. Moreover, solar electric generating system is divided into power tower and photovoltaic power. The collectors which consist of sun-tracking reflector panels or mirrors are heated to create steam and the steam can transfer efficiently to electricity. GC emphasizes energy source is free and the modern technology, especially PV, which is no noise and near-zero emission of traditional pollutants, moreover, there is almost no solid or liquid discharge. Admittedly, the solar technology has been improved into high level, but most researchers agree that it hasn’t been perfect in all fields. For example, the photocells which belong to photovoltaic power need an additional system to store energy (Fanchi, 2005). Similarly, as Fanchi (ibid) point out, it covers relatively large areas, therefore, it merely appropriate to build in desert where far from the centre of human space. For example, it’s potentially cost-effective even at high latitudes remote areas, Germany and California dessert in US, and in relatively cloudy regions, in other words, some countries will not develop the solar energy source because of the lack of solar intensity and the long dark winters. In addition to technique factor, GC (ibid) maintains that the cost of the consumer has fallen rapidly in the last three decades and it’s believed that the cost of solar energy source will be competitive with fossil fuels in 50 years. From another perspective, however, Hermann (2004) claims that the cost of technology is still expensive for some people, due to high price and...
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