Discrimination and Gender Assignment

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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Introduction to equality and inclusion in health and social care or children’s and you peoples settings. SHC 23:
Equality means that each individual is unique we are all different from another but we all have equal rights and should be treated the same regardless of our age, race, disability, religion or gender assignment.

Diversity means to be accepting of others and to respect that each unique individual is different i.e. age, race, disability, religion or gender assignment.

Inclusion means to include everybody regardless of their age, race, disability, religion or gender assignment to work as a team in partnership.

Discrimination means to treat someone better or worse because of their gender, race, age, disability, religion or gender assignment.


Today is sports day at the nursery and all the children are very excited about taking part each child is told what thy will be participating except for Timmy he has been told he will not be taking part as he is in a wheel chair this is deliberately discriminating against Timmy because he is in a wheel chair.

A Muslim couple go to a nursery and ask the receptionist they have any places she says yes and asks them to feel out the admissions form they hand the form back once they have done this and leave. The receptionist then reads through the form and sees that there child does not speak English and is in a wheel chair so the receptionist throws the admissions form in the bin this is indirect discrimination as she let the couple believe they would have chance of their son getting into that nursery.

For Practises that support equality and inclusion will help to reduce the likelihood of discrimination in a setting you must make all feel welcome and equal regardless of their ability’s by making sure your settings has the right equipment and resources for example:

A Jewish child has joined your nursery so you call your meals on wheels service to ask them if they could please add kosher...
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