Discrimination Against Males and Rape

Topics: Gender, Feminism, Male Pages: 5 (1980 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Discrimination Against Males and Rape

There are always two sides to a rape story: the male’s version and the female’s version. However, the female’s side of the story is always dominant. Males are often ostracized in society after experiencing false accusations of rape it may be more shattering than the embarrassment and social ostracization women who have been raped. Our society today should definitely redefine what rape is because many women make false accusations out of personal reasoning. The physical act of rape is when a woman chooses not to have sexual intercourse with a specific man but he chooses to proceed against her will. There are several problems associated with rape, including, but not limited to women falsely accusing men of rape because they think that it is okay to compensate their feelings of guilt or shame, the belief of men being aggressive, or when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Men should have the freedom of walking down the street at night without being a victim of false accusations just because of their gender. Women takes advantage of their power when it comes to campus rape which can be connected to Judith Butler and Camille Paglia’s approach to gender differences. There are many great men out in this world. Not every male is going to rape a female. Men are widely accused of rape because of many women selfish excuses. This is a solid example of gender discrimination. However, just because a man looks like a man does not mean he will rape you. Feminist philosopher, Judith Butler believes “gender is performative (Butler, Interview,” which means that one takes on a role and acts a certain way. Just because he is a male does not necessarily means he will perform all of the deeds of a male. All men are brought up differently and there a many men that adore their mother so they would never engage in such act. The influence their mother has on them plays a huge role on how male’s perceive a woman. The gender of a person is not always limited to just male or female but a degree of each. Hence, gender is just the socially constructed roles, activities, behaviors, and attributes between men and women initiated by society. It is related to how society sees, perceives and thinks of us. However, “sex” on the other hand refers to biological and physiological characteristics that define humans as female and male. The same way that gender is misunderstood in society it is the same way men are victimized when it comes to being rapist. Butler believes that people should have the freedom to be whatever sex they choose to be and not be discriminated. Well known philosopher Immanuel Kant take on freedom as not having a forced law, but by laws that are in some logic of one's own making determined through the operation of natural laws, such as those of biology or psychology cannot do. With that being said Kant’s opinion intertwines with Butler’s notion of gender. This is so because both authors believes that a female might have the physiology of a female but if she chooses to walk, talk, and act like a male it is her own free will. It is through freedom, which individuals base their decisions on the power of the will guided by the reasoning behind it. Kant believes as long as it can be a universal law then it is morally correct. Her actions then express her own will and not the will of someone or something else. Controversies have it that being gay or being a lesbian is genetically linked so it is natural in its operation. The rules of morality must be effective for all humans, regardless of their cultural background or social rank. Moral principles should be considered as obligatory for all logical beings. Meaning, it should not be up to society it is up to that person to do their duty. Especially, for a democratic society since everyone is equal it should not be limited to homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender. On the other hand, Hegel believes a person must translate his freedom into an...
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