Discovery Equal Recovery

Topics: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Humanism Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Discovery Equals Recovery
Discovery can be defined as “the act or instance of discovering something new” (Discovery). While recovery can be defined as “the regaining of or possibility of regaining something lost or taken away” (Recovery). Many people believe that to discover something is to find something completely new. This is not always the case. The discovery might only be new to the person doing the discovering. The idea that discovery equals recovery can easily be seen in the Renaissance. The Renaissance was viewed as the time period in which new life was breathed into Europe. However many of the ideas that were advance during this time was a recovery of ideas that existed hundreds of years before.

The renaissance was the time period after the dark ages that breathed new life into European society. Prior to the 16th century much of Western Europe suffered through a period of absolutism that suppressed any new ideas or way of thinking. Europe was controlled by absolutism represented by the diving right of kings and dominance of the established catholic church. In the beginning stages of the Renaissance, people began to think for themselves. They were discovering that in order to survive they no longer have to solely depend upon the church or their doctrine to show them how to conduct their everyday lives. During the Middle Ages Europeans were meant to believe that man was weak, that they are destined by god to live the way that they live. Many of the great thinkers began to encourage the idea of humanism. Humanism can be defined as “the mode of thought where in which human interest, values, and dignity predominates.” (Humanism). Thinkers such as Salutati encouraged the concept of humanism. He professed that people are responsible for their action not God. This upset many member of the Catholic Church but did not stop The Renaissance from spreading across Europe. This is a recovery of ideas that existed hundreds of years before in Greco-Roman society....
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