Discovering Language

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Discovering language Language is an essential part of human existence; we use language to express ourselves by labeling our thoughts with words, and symbols; in addition, language can also be a powerful tool to understand concepts, and ideas. In this essay will talk about the power of language how it breaks social barriers, and how it empowers people. Two influential people in the world relied on language to enlighten themselves with knowledge. Malcolm X the Black Muslim leader discovered how he can turn his life around, by learning language in his own term, second, a seven year old girl name Helen Keller conceived to learn language, despite of her disability. Language is an evolutionary marvel that became an essential tool to human survival. We use it to communicate and express our thoughts. However, it is a privilege to learn a language; like how it is a privilege to read and write, without either one, we struggle to get our ideas across to others. A person that is deprived of a proper education can feel lost, and confused. According to, Eschholz, Paul, Alfred Rosa, and Virginia Clark, Language Awareness. 10th ed. St. Martin: Bedford, 2009. Print. Malcolm X story reveals how he struggled to understand words and complex concept; without having a proper education he felt frustrated, not being able to express what he wanted to convey in letters, drove him to pick up a dictionary to educate himself. This shows the importance of language and its use. Therfore, without language, we strain in conveying our ideas making it hard for others to understand us.  Malcolm X was born in a period where racial segregation was in a mist of change. As a child he was intelligent and a bright student, but a comment from one of his teachers about his future to be a lawyer was impossible, because he was black, led to him dropping out of junior high school. As he grew up Malcolm got involved in petty crimes that landed him in jail and one of those crime was a robbery that sentenced him...
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