Discovering Candaba

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THESIS STATEMENT: Discovering Candaba is all about digging up their captivating history, learning their sumptuous culinary, rejoicing their exceptional festivals, and finding out about remarkable people who came from their beautiful town. I.There were different versions of the etymology of Candaba. A.Some researchers discovered that the town got its name from the place “Candawe”. B.Another school of thought said that the name Candaba rooted from the Kapampangan words “Cang” and “Daba” C.A group of historians insisted that Candaba was formerly known as “Kandaue” II.History

A.Candaba may have been the earliest and oldest settlement in the entire Kapampangan homeland. B.Colonial
1.The coming of the Spaniards in Candaba paved the way for its townspeople to show their braveness and love for their land. 2.The arrival of the Americans in the town of Candaba was beneficial to the townspeople. a.Education was introduced.

b.Public health was improved.
c.Agriculture was further enhanced.
d.There was alternations and development in the local administration of the town. C.The little town of Candaba was not far behind to suffer the drastic changes brought by the arrival of the Japanese soldiers. III.Culture

A.The Candaba’s preserved literature showcased the imaginative and creative minds of the Candabeños. 1. “Ing Ari Ning Camatayan” was a story about a couple trying to outwit the King of Death. 2.“Ing Siwala Ning Balen” was the first newspaper written in the vernacular. B.Other arts

1.The legendary architectural sites of Candaba reflect its colorful history. a.The house of Capitan Segundo Aguilar housed the first Monopoly of Tobacco. b.The Arnedo Dike was constructed to protect the town from heavy flood. c.In 1914, the first theatre was built to cater to the demands of the public for more recreation. d.By 1924, Mr. Jacinto Germino opened the first Ice and Electric Plant. e.Candaba was famous for its suspension bridge which is dubbed a mini San Francisco Bridge. f.The town also brags the century-old Spanish mansions with relic and antiques. g.The San Andres Apostol Parish constructed in 1975 was the 2nd oldest parish in Pampanga. h.The Entrance of Santa Catalina Church displays the precious piedra de China. 2.The Candabeños also have games and amusements for their leisure activities. 3.Candaba is well-known for its “burung isda” (pickled fish). C.The most-celebrated event of Candaba is the Ibon-Ebon festival honoring St. Nicolas de Tolentio. D.90% of the population of Candaba is Catholics.

E.The Candabeños have beliefs and traditions that are unique, distinct and specific in every aspect of life. IV.Livelihood
a.With its rich and fertile lands, Candaba is one of the major producers of rice, fruits and vegetables in Luzon. b.The booming Koi Industry signals a positive advancement in the town of Candaba. V.Candaba, with its famous sites, has attracted many tourists to visit them. VI.Candaba also produced personalities who became famous in the field of arts and culture, and even in the radio, television and movie industry. Demographics

The town of Candaba lies at latitude 15º05 and longitude 120º49. Its boundaries are Arayat and Cabio (Tarlac) to the north, San Miguel and San Ildefonso (Bulacan) to the East, Baliwag (Bulacan) to the south and San Luis and Sta. Ana to the west. Its total land area is 171,694 hectares with a population of 95,589 people in 15,541 households.

Candaba under a type I climate has two distinct seasons: dry and wet. The rainy or wet season normally starts in May and runs through October, while the dry season is from November through March of the following year. During the months July to August, the temperature is between 25.8 degrees Celsius, the months of January to February are the coldest. Etymology of Candaba

The town obtained its name from “Candawe”, which is the name given to a place where the first church in Candaba was built....
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