Discourage Non-Essential Flights

Topics: Want, Global warming, Abstraction Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Every day, thousands of planes take to the skies, transporting people all over the world. In the process though, these huge planes use massive amounts of fuel and greatly add to global warming and pollution. Discouraging non-essential flights is a good idea, but not at the expense of limiting the use of cars. Surely we can cut back on both.

Travelling by plans has truly made our world feel a lot smaller, but not all travel is necessary. For example, already, technology and the Internet in particular, have meant that business people do not always have to travel across countries and continents to meet face to face. Now they can meet online and do more business without leaving a carbon footprint.

Consider other people who travel a lot: tourists. With countless TV shows and movies and books about various travel destinations, perhaps in the future not everyone will feel the need to actually travel there in person. Maybe in the near futre we will be able to go places "virtually" with computer aids that give us a realistic experience.

Of couuse, by limiting flights it does not mean that we should drive more. As with the reasons above, technology will make it easier for more people to work remotely. We will be able to do more without leaving our homes if we want to. Of course we should still travel and get out, but we will not need to as much.

In the final analysis, we can and should do our part to limit unnecessary travel, whether flying or driving. In order to reduce pollution we all have to make some sacrifices. And with new technologies coming all the time, perhaps changing our behavior will be easier than we think.
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