Dimploma in Childcare Level 3

Topics: Mother, Racism, Psychological manipulation Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: October 31, 2012
053.1.2 Consequences of discrimination
Scenario| Potential effect|
| Family| Individual| Those who inflict|
Paul is playing with the tea set in the role play area. Jasmine and Katy laugh at him and say he must be a girl because only girls play with the tea-set.| Not very happy that their child is being bullied and left out| Being left out of the play activitie., feeling sad may feel bullied| Happy to tell him he cant play, may feel a sence of power| Heather uses a wheelchair. Practitioner Frances is worried that she will get hurt in an outdoor game so she leaves her by the window watching while the other children play.| The setting not meeting the childs needs very angry.| Singled out, sad watching everyone else having fun| Might not care, might feel that he has done nothing wrong. Could feel guilty if didn’t no| Danyl’s father is black. Practitioner Marcia is very suspicious of him and when she loses her new fountain pen one day she asks around to see if he has been near her desk, saying “You just can’t trust that sort”.| Racial discrimination, worried how child is being treated| Enbarresed | oblivious| Darren, three is from a gypsy/traveller family newly arrived in the area. Mark his room leader says it’s not worth making any effort with Darren because he’ll be leaving again soon.| Angry,not respected, juged | Worthless, confused| Doesn’t care, could be past experience or how he was brought up| Kim’s mother Laida has limited mobility and cannot speak. She uses a voice synthesizer. Usha, Kim’s room leader, finds it challenging to speak to Laida, so she avoids her, or only speaks to Kim’s father instead.| Sad, guilty, angry, not feel welcome| Confused that her mum is different to other mums, sad| Embarrassed, shy, may not no how to get around the sistuation|
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