Diglossia and Triglossia

Topics: Emotion, Human, Psychology Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Dr. Ebtehal Al-khateb
Dramatics 206
Triggers Are Pulled
People are shouting, dead bodies are on the ground, blood is everywhere. This is only one side of war, the side we all see on television. But the question is, is that all? What about sides we have never seen. The Necessary Targets show us the side that is ignored by many people. War can flip people’s life 180 degrees in a matter of moments. War can turn a blue sky to black, a green tee to gray and earth to a place where humans can never survive. Not only does war affect people financially and physically, but also it affects them psychologically. That’s the side that few people know about war victims. Some people do know, but they simply choose to neglect it. What could be worse for the human emotional state than being surrounded by blood?. Besides the loss of dear ones leaves people emotionally shattered. How a mother who lost her new-born baby is supposed to spend her time every day?. War has taught the women of the camp to appreciate every little thing they used to have. A huge number of innocent people are killed for no apparent reason! They were just killed like this! With no mercy!. Adults themselves will need a very long time to get over war. Also, children! Children who had to watch their fathers being killed, or their mums being raped! What kind of therapy can bring their innocence back? What kind of memory will they have after a terrible war?. In Bosnia it’s not only war that hurt Bosnians the most, but also being attacked by their own neighbors just because they were craving power! That surprise completely destroyed them. Moreover, people who didn’t lose their dear ones during war, will always feel guilty because they were not able to save innocent victims, they could only watching them dying. Can you imagine yourself waiting for your turn to die? Those people were dying alive as killing is not only stopping the heart from beating. Furthermore, many girls were raped and lost...
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