Digital Think: Building Sales Force

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  • Published : June 4, 2011
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Digital Think
Building a Sales Force
Digital Think’s Business

* Provided Web-based, self paced training with built in interactive sessions. * Ease of access through internet and company’s intranet. * Offered coursed on computer programming, internet literacy and desktop publishing. * Was known for its high-quality, in-depth courses.

* 3 sources of revenue:
* Catalog Business
* Customized training courses for companies
* Website Sales
* Website sales was a direct sales through company’s website and was currently more effective as lead generation mechanism. * Customized training courses was part of consulting team of Digital Think’s business and was operated on stand-alone basis. * The major building and developing of a sales force was required for the Catalog business which currently contributed the maximum in the company’s revenue. * Target of $3-4 million for the catalog sales team for FY99.

Current Sales Force

Pete Goettner
Jay Palace
Director, Sales
M. Goldberg

* Currently responsibility for sales shared by only three people based at San Fransico itself. * Noticed role change for Goettner and Palace from March 97 to Oct 97. * Goettner started focusing on Sales much more from Oct 97. Shows the inclination of the company to concentrate in sales. * Palace too started formulating sales strategy rather than being focused on contracts and pricing. * With addition of Goldberg the sales quota increased within the existing accounts. She also started putting her foot in converting the leads from marketing. Building Sales Force

* Encouraging targets taken for FY99 for catalog business considering to place sales force well in place. * Need to expand market across US.
* To have regional level sales force to manage accounts across. * Instead of hiring many top level managers, to go for junior level to start with. * Goldberg can be given...
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