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The use of the Internet for criminal purpose is one of the most critical challenges facing the FBI and law enforcement in general. Understanding and using the Internet to combat Internet Fraud is essential for law enforcement. The fraud being committed over the Internet is the same Type of white collar fraud the FBI has traditionally investigated but poses additional concerns And Challenges, because of the new environment in which it is located. The Internet is a perfect vehicle to locate victims and provide the environment where the victims Don’t see or speak to the fraudulent. The Internet environment often creates a false sense of Security among users leading them to check out opportunities found on the Internet less Thoroughly than they might otherwise. Computer crime poses a daunting task for law Enforcement agencies because they are highly Technical crimes. Law enforcement agencies must Have individuals trained in computer science or computer forensics in order to properly to Properly investigate computer crimes. Computer crime is defined as any person that violates any Of the provisions of the following; unauthorized access to a computer system, Theft of computer Services, Interruption of computer Services, Misuses of computer system information, and Destruction of computer equipment. The general heading of computer crime can potentially Cover an array of offense by examining several existing definitions of computer crime, as well as Elements suggested as essential, some Have defined computer crime as any offense that uses or Somehow involves a computer.

Role of Internet and crime
The growth of the Internet has improved our economy, medicine and technology. Unfortunately, it has brought new opportunities for criminal activity, as well. Often, people Think cyber-crime simply refers to hacking, viruses and other intrusion tactics. Cyber- crime, However, threatens more than our businesses, economy or national infrastructure. Cyber- crime Affects us individuals, as well. Reprehensible crimes, such as child pornography and cyber Stalking, terrorize our children and our families.

At the first hearing in this series, on May 24th, the Texas Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Justice testified that, quote, ''One of the biggest problems is that computer criminals are targeting The most vulnerable of our society, children.'' He pointed out that, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, child pornography was virtually extinct prior to the advent of the Internet. Now it is a serious plague on our society that must be stopped.

Adults also experience the dark side of the Internet revolution. Using computer technology, Criminal types steal life savings and even identities of unsuspecting individuals. These pose Serious threats to the lives and the livelihoods of many individuals. But in addressing these areas Of crime, law-enforcement officers face several challenges. Identifying a sophisticated criminal Can be difficult. Once they are identified, bringing a criminal to justice may be problematic for Jurisdictional reasons.

The criminal may be in a different State or even another country, and then law enforcement Officials must deal with extradition issues. Also, retrieving the information stored on a computer And using it for prosecution may be difficult if it requires highly technical skills not normally Taught to investigators or prosecutors. As long as there is technology, cybercrime will exist, yet Cybercrime must be curtailed as much as possible so that technology can legitimately continue To enrich our lives and strengthen our economy.

Congress understands that law-enforcement officials must have the appropriate training and Equipment to fight fire with fire, or computer technology with computer technology; but Law-enforcement must...
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