Digital Business Management of Hm

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1.E-business model:4
1.1Online value proposition:4
1.2Target audience/ market:4
1.3Product/Service strategies:4
2.Customer relationship management (CRM):4
3.Supply chain management (SCM):5
4.Digital marketing:5
5.Web application:6
1.2. Disadvantages:6
6. Competitors7

Nowadays, Information Technology is present and plays an indispensable role in the management and administration of the business operations of each business. There is nothing strange when the most of companies are using the advantages of development of information technology to build Websites which designed to ‘pull’ customers to boost sales as well as improve the company position like a tool to perform effective PR and marketing campaigns. This report will help readers better understand the role as well as the benefits of information technology through the analysis of H&M website. H&M is a Swedish fashion company which opened its first store in 1947, is now expanded to more than 48 markets. It had around 2,800 stores as reported in their annual report 2012 together with over 104,000 work-hard employees (

The business concept of H&M is to offer ‘fashion and quality at the best price’. Their designers produce a wide-ranging and diversified of fashion for women, men, teenagers and children from timelessness to latest fashion trends. Furthermore, H&M still create cosmetics, accessories and home textile goods. Another factor of this big offering is that H&M should be the more fascinating and constantly choice to customers. New products arriving, more stores building up and new campaigns being established that able to surprise and satisfy the expectations of clients that makes H&M become a one of the highest-ranked fashion brands in the world which is placed 77 in Global Rep Track 100 in 2013. Some examples of how H&M has shocked customers as the collaboration with David Beckham in producing new underwear each season in this February and also the collaboration the Maison Martin Margielain last November 2012. Understanding about the power of digital marketing, H&M set up a website to sale online and introduce the buyers a mix of fashion and the update fashion trends from around the world that are highly beneficial for people who have less time to go to shopping in the local stores. Shopping online with H&M must be just inviting, easy and inspiring. That makes H&M’s website becomes one of the most frequently accessed in the world by customers which is ranked 921 via Alexa Traffice Rank in 2013. Nowadays, customers are depending more on digital technologies than ever before; consequently, it is better for H&M to prove their online position by using this advantages to produce a good marketing plan to reach the public. The approach of H&M for digital marketing is informative, inspiring and interactive that is mentioned in H&M website. H&M keeps close contact with social media as a marketing tool to showcase the new offers and to provide information about H&M to interact with fashion enthusiasts all over the world though using Facebook (over 14 million fans) which made them rank 43 in Top 50 Facebook Brand Ranking in 2012, Twitter (25 million followers), Instagram, YouTube, Chinese social networks and some more. H&M have known that it is the best way to reach customers because each month in average, there are a lot of people use these social media to update new advertising as well as new trends. For instant, Facebook is 1.06 billion monthly active users; Twitter is more than 200 million active users and YouTube is 4 billion views per day (Craig Smith, 2013).

With sales online increased dramatically over the recent years than other chain retail stores, in the latest annual report in 2012 has...
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