Digestive System Travel Guide

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Anatomy Travel Bureau welcomes you to
Your Digestive System!


Kaitlynn Daseke-Collette
Anatomy and Physiology
The Digestive System

This journey your about to experience may take up to several days. I hope you’ve packed well. We will be going through seas, acid rains, and dry, desert like conditions. So without wasting any more time let me give you a play by play of your vacation!

First Stop
Our first stop will be breakfast after you wake up on day one. You will be able to eat what ever your heart desires. Anything from a stack of pancakes to something completely unrelated to “breakfast”, like pizza. Choose wisely, you will be stuck with your breakfast for the rest of the tour! [pic]

This is where I hand it over to your breakfast! Enjoy your trip! [pic]
Hello there! I’m that stack of banana pancakes you devoured at breakfast this morning. Our real first stop on this journey through your digestive system is the mouth. The mouth is a pretty obvious place on the body. So when you put me in your mouth this morning I met up with some saliva and then I was chewed also known as masticated. Your cheeks and lips hold your food in your mouth while your teeth take care of the “masticating”. The tongue is what helps mix food and saliva together and it also initiates swallowing. The process of digestion has already begun believe it or not. This is the first step in breaking food down. Although this may sound a little gross it’s not just about breaking down food for digestion, we have tiny buds on our tongue which I’m sure you all know as TASTE BUDS! Taste buds are the “taste receptors” allowing you to taste the butter, banana, syrup and what ever else you put on me this morning before we began this journey!

Before we get any further and you are unable to hear me let’s just go through all the technical stuff so we can actually enjoy the sites! Our second stop on this fascinating trip will be the Pharynx. Two passageways that...
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