Differentiation in the Classroom

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1. Statement of Need

It may surprise educators to find that in a class that has a range of abilities, it is the most able, rather than the least able, who will learn less new material than any other group. How does this happen? Mostly because the meaning of the two words teach and learn are accidentally confused. With gifted students, the reality is that they already know a significant amount of the curriculum a teacher is planning to teach, and they can learn new material in much less time than their age peers. When gifted students discover that they already know a lot of what the teacher or book will be covering, they have little choice but to dutifully go through the assigned curriculum, waiting and hoping for the rare times when there will be something new or challenging for them to learn. In one study, gifted elementary, middle and secondary students were asked if they were being challenged by their current coursework. “More than half of the gifted students reported that they were not challenged by their course work in language arts, math, and science” (Gallagher, 1998, p.740). One way teachers can help gifted students is to differentiate the curriculum. Since many gifted students already have competency in many lessons, activities, or subjects, and could pass a test before the concept is discussed in class, it makes sense to give them a variety of material they could work on instead of covering things they already know. This project would provide students with higher level learning activities through software and material resources to increase the depth and breadth of their lessons.

2. Project Goals and Objectives:


A. To create a challenging learning environment in the classroom and the enrichment program. B. To define objectives and guarantee proficiency in basic curriculum. C. To allow gifted students to work at their highest potential. Objectives

A. Students will be pre-tested over content before actual...
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