Different Types of Drivers

Topics: Convenience store, Milk, Convenience Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Potter 1
Sherry Potter
Mrs. Lasser
English 093, Section 2318
16 July 2012
How To Build A Coil For Refrigeration
Have you ever wondered what keeps the soft drinks cool when you buy one at the convenience store, or what keeps the food fresh at restaurants? Without this product called a coil that I assemble at my job, drinks, dairy products and other produce wouldn’t be kept cool for your convenience. For the first step to build a coil, the customer sends an order in, then the order comes to my department so I will know what kind of coil to build. The coil is made out of aluminum which is made into fins off a machine called a fin press. As the aluminum runs through the Fin Press it forms a fin with ridges, holes, and is cut to length as it comes off the press. The fins travel from the press to my department where I have a table with rods that I set to length for the fins to slide on. The second step is to slide copper in the holes of the fins that’s been cut to length. The copper is for the Freon to travel through to keep the coil cool. After all the copper is in the holes and the right pattern is build for the coil. The third process the coil receives an aluminum top that is put on with screws for the appropriate holes that is provided. The top which is called a venturi helps to keep the coil in place. At this stage the coil looks like a square aluminum box. The coil leaves my table and gets expanded so the fins stay tight and circulates the Freon through the coil properly. The coil goes to brazing which is for putting connections on coil for unit to hook up to. Testing is the last stage the coil goes to in my department. Testing makes sure there are no leaks in coil. Then it goes to another department for another process. In conclusion there are many steps to build a coil just to keep the meats, produce, and other items at the right temperature for coolers at restaurants and convenience stores. Without these...
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