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Topics: World War II, Cold War, Communism Pages: 4 (1062 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Anticommunism and McCarthyism Paper

The Cold War was an important event in the history of the United States during the 20th Century. Like World War 2, and other events in American history, it reshaped the world in various ways. The intense rivalry between the United States and Soviet Union and between capitalism and communism divided much of the world. Anticommunism became an ideological belief that communism was wrong or harmful. Even if communist where democratically elected, they still attain power by winning a war or by revolution. In the other hand, McCarthyism was a specific political activity in the United States. A senator named McCarthy, who was anticommunist, believed that communism had infiltrated American politics. He called it un-American activity, and at the peak of the Cold War and gain some political support. It was later found the he had labeled many people communist who were not. During this paper Post World War 2 America, Anticommunism, McCarthyism, Red Scare and other topics will be discussed in depth.

Anticommunism and McCarthyism Paper
The Cold War was also a major event in the domestic history of the United States. It transformed American politics weakening the grip of the Democratic Party on the electorate, and making the issue of communism a central part of postwar political life. The Democratic and Republican parties to prove that they were the most reliable enemies of communism helped produce a great anti communist frenzy in the late 1940s and early 1950s that had corrosive effects on American life. Known as McCarthyism, after the Wisconsin senator who became the most famous and notorious voice of anti communism for a time, the post World War II Red Scare was a widespread phenomenon that affected almost every area of American life. The early years of the Cold War coincided with a time of economic anxiety and the nation attempted to adjust conversion from war to peace. Anticommunism and McCarthyism...
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