Different Manifestation Gifts

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There seems to be a distinct difference between the manifestation gifts (1 Corinthians), the redemptive gifts (Romans 12- prophet, servant, teacher, exhorter, giver, ruler, & mercy), and the ministry gifts in which we walk out our other gifts (Ephesians 4). The redemptive gifts are possibly received at conception, rather than salvation. (It is one of God’s mysteries as to when we truly receive a redemptive gift. The Bible does not make clear the exact timing. See Jeremiah 1:5 for indication of initial gifting.) The gifts tend to shape our personality and the way we may then receive one or more of the manifestation gifts. A redemptive gift is the grace of God woven into who we are; that by His Spirit we are made right with God and able to honour Him with whom He has made us to be. There are certain common behavioural characteristics that are used to help determine the redemptive gifts (Primary and Secondary) of an individual. Although certain traits such as compassion may come easily for some gifts, we are cautioned not to use our gift as an excuse for not growing. We are all called to walk out the fruit of the Spirit whether it comes naturally or not. The redemptive gift teaching developed a connection with the many lists of 7’s in the Bible (7 things Christ said on the cross, 7 days of creation, and 7 pieces of furniture in the tabernacle). Also, the redemptive gifts also fit cities/churches/states/institutions.  The state of Minnesota is redemptive gift of giver (lakes/birthing).  USA as a whole is prophet (creativity/design/comes first in culture).  The cities of Princeton/Zimmerman/Elk River, I believe are Teacher/Servant/Giver.  Any business or church also has a main redemptive gift.  Once this is clear, the destiny will be made much more clear.

Here is a Diagram of the Three Types of Gifts:

1: Prophet
Behavioural Characteristics:
-Sees things in black & white
-Simplistic worldview – must make sense of everything
-Able to assess situations quickly and discern whether good or bad -Takes initiative, likes new things
-Goes against the status quo
-Does not maintain well running organization – will quit, improve it, or change it -Always has an opinion and is willing to express it
-Judges others compulsively
-Bold, knows no fear
- Not intimidated by the unknown
-Extraordinarily generous – impulsive/unwise
-Shifts gears quickly – large range of emotion
-Visionary – need to know where they are going
- Fiercely competitive
- Gives full disclosure – exposes weakness, compulsion for honesty & integrity - Very hard on self
- Out of sight out of mind
- Passion for excellence

Principle: Design
Design is the art of weaving principles together in order to produce change. Principle can be defined as a universal non-optional cause and effect relationship. The principle of design is foundational to all the other principles. God has called the prophet to study principles (to look at problems and opportunities) and assemble them into sets that produce results. Birth right/Blessing:

The passion of the Prophet is to once again have the opportunity to take themselves and others to the outer limits of excellence with God. Showing the picture of God so dynamic and real that it moves people out of the comfort they are experiencing and into a journey that will bring them to fulfilment of what God created them to be. 3 Types of Principles of Design for Prophet to Study:

Man to Matter
Man to Man (Most Overlooked and Weakest Area Human Relationships) Man to the Spirit Realm

2: Servant
Behavioural Characteristics:
- Sees needs and meets them – often external or environmental needs - Very few enemies – considered to be a safe person
- Inability to accept excellence in work, to affirm self, or receive affirmation from others - Extends honour to others
- Sees potential/best in others
- Has a fierce anger that seldom occurs but usually revolves around loyalty - Save stuff though not...
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