Differences Between Thai and American Food

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Thai and American Food
In the past few years, I have traveled to many countries and got to experience many types of foods. One of those countries which was very interesting was America. There are several obvious differences between Thai and American food. The first difference is the difference of flavor. Thais foods are very flavorful; there are a variety of tastes. For example, one bowl of curry is probably filled up with sour-tasting lime or tamarind, salt from fish sauce and a sweet taste from cane sugar. Most dishes usually contain a lot of spices and herbs but Americans foods are different; most of them are pretty bland and salty. The second difference is size of serving, in America you will get large sized food portions when you order food, sometimes I have to split in two and share with others. In contrast, in Thailand the food portions are smaller and people usually order multiple dishes in each meal. Another difference is the variety of foods - there are many kinds of foods for you to choose in Thailand. Thais usually cook fresh foods almost every meal and they eat a lot of vegetables and meats. Meanwhile, a lot of the Americans usually carry a lot of frozen and fast foods instead of cooking fresh at home because it makes their life much more convenient. However, food is always an interesting thing to learn and experience. Although foods in America are different from Thailand whether it’s the taste, portion, size and variety, it is still interesting for me.
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